Ice-T & DJ Ambition!

Don’t get too excited! I’m not collaborating with him or anything (I wish). I’m here to tell you about the lecture Ice-T gave at Kean University on April 20th, 2011. Some of you may know him from his Gangster Rap music, and some of you may know him as Odafin Tutuola on Law & Order: SVU. To start off the night, Ice-T began to inform the people of who he really is. Tracy Morrow (Ice-T) broke down his life from his childhood experiences to the present day, giving real life stories and situations from his perspective to educate those listening of common problems most people ignore. From becoming an orphan at the age of 12, to joining the army as a teenage father, Tracy told it all. While some may think that listening to a gangster rapper’s life story would be terrifying and/or scary, Tracy was neither. He had the crowd laughing and smiling all the way through. His closing remarks top everything I’ve heard in quite some time: “you guys have brains, so please don’t think everything I think, cuz’ then only one of us is thinking.” I definitely suggest seeing him speak! Don’t forget to pick up a copy of his new book, “ICE,” in stores now!

-DJ Ambition

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